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Title Plus – Fourth Month Bonus Earners

Posted: 20 Jun 2018 08:30 AM PDT

The 2018 Title Plus Promotion is in full swing, and now Synergy is paying out Fourth Month bonuses. Congratulations to all those who have becoming Elite Honors qualified and maintained their titles for four consecutive months to earn this special bonus!

We encourage Team Members throughout Europe to set their sights on achieving and maintaining new titles. This leads to not only exciting Title Plus bonuses, but strong Synergy businesses as well. For more information on Title Plus and its enhancements, click here.

Title Plus - Fourth Month Bonus Earners:

Nathan-Christopher Edward
Milton Edward Richards
Kelvin Thomas
Sandra Green
Shani Rochelle Jones
Jerome Bell

We are proud of our Team Members who are putting in the effort to reach new heights in their Synergy business and earning some extra money at the same time! Don't forget to check the PROMOTIONS TAB to learn about each of Synergy's 2018 promotions.


Posted: 19 Jun 2018 03:15 PM PDT

It is an exciting and busy time for us here at Synergy's corporate headquarters as we prepare to move into our new office. A new chapter will soon begin, and we're ready for the good times ahead!

Please be aware that the Synergy Store on the first floor of our office building will close its doors June 29. Come and walk-through the store one last time to find big clearance-sale discounts on Synergy merchandise!

We're excited to have you visit us at our new building and we're already planning our next big event there. If you have any questions regarding the Synergy Store or our big move, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team.