Synergy WorldWide Blog - Top Leaders Gather in Fiji for Legacy Retreat

Synergy WorldWide Blog

Posted: 10 May 2018 07:00 AM PDT

The 2018 Legacy Retreat was lively and inspiring! Top Leaders from around the world gathered in Fiji to celebrate success and receive well-deserved, luxury treatment. This tropical paradise was the ideal location, featuring pristine beaches, deluxe accommodations, friendly locals, unique cultures, and once-in-a-lifetime activities that will not soon be forgotten.

After a warm welcome to the island, complete with ceremonial drumming and the bestowal of shell-necklace leis, qualifiers were able to choose from a variety of pre-planned activities to enhance their island adventures. Over the course of the trip, some chose an escape to a private island, where they snorkeled alongside friendly reef sharks and enjoyed fun in the sun. Many chose to raft down more than 20 meters of whitewater found in the Upper Navua River, surrounded by rainforests and waterfalls. Some relaxed in the spa; some opted for a challenging game of golf on the resort's seaside course, providing participants with breathtaking views of the coast.

The third day was especially memorable. Synergy leaders, wearing blue signature "Leave a Legacy" t-shirts, volunteered to paint a local schoolhouse in need. Connecting with the Fijian people further, the group spent time not only painting, but playing games with local school children. Seeing leaders put the Synergy mission into action was a wonderful sight. We are proud of the kindness everyone displayed while striving to serve the Fijian community and give back. Synergy leaders left a legacy in Fiji that will be remembered for many years to come.

View the 2018 Legacy Retreat photo album HERE.

Fiji was a phenomenal success thanks to our outstanding leadership representatives who qualified and attended. We look forward to even more of our valued Team Members being among those who qualify for our next event, where opportunities to Leave a Legacy and experience the world abound.

Click here to find out how you can qualify for our next retreat in beautiful London. Together with Synergy, you will be treated like royalty in the town and country of England's most famous region.
Posted: 09 May 2018 03:18 PM PDT

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