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Synergy WorldWide Blog - Singapore & Malaysia

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Synergy WorldWide Blog - Singapore & Malaysia

Malaysia Title Plus Cash Reward and Incentive Qualifiers

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 10:18 PM PDT

We would also like to congratulate the following Team Members for their efforts in our Title Plus Promotion. Their hardwork earned them cash rewards:
Fu Huey Fen RM 1775.00
Ng Kim Pa         RM 1242.50
Chan Huan Seng RM 1242.50
Loh Chee Kuang RM 532.50
Cheah Hock Khoon RM 177.50
Chieng Tiong Ling RM 177.50
Su Teng Liang RM 177.50
Yew Shot Foon RM 88.75
Yeo Sio Chwee RM 88.75
Koay Boon Leong         RM 88.75

Also, these Team Members qualified for our Title Plus Incentive Trip to Yogyakarta, Jawa, in Indonesia to attend the Synergy Indonesia National Summit.
Alex Boh Fu Huey Fen
Wai Siew Hong Ng KIm Pa
Yu Siew Ing Chan Choung Ming
Loh Chee Kuang

Recognition: Malaysia Team Leader Ng Kim Pa

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 10:06 PM PDT

Inspiration comes in many forms. For Ng Kim Pa, he found inspiration in the many wonders of ProAgi-9 Plus by Synergy. "The Synergy product, ProArgi-9 Plus inspired me the most because of its effectiveness in improving my health," he said.

As a factory manufacturing consultant, Kim Pa is constantly on the go. But currently at the age of 61, he is experiencing some health issues. "I was having finger numbness when I wake up in the morning and I always feel bit tired when walking up the stairs," he said. He quickly sought out help from Alex Boh. And that's when Kim Pa first came to know about ProArgi-9 Plus.

Shortly, after 3 months, his condition improved significantly, and an elated Kim Pa signed up as a Team Member. "I introduced ProArgi-9 Plus to my friends and I asked them to try," he said. "Their blood pressure and sugar level normalized, and some even managed to clear their blocked arteries."

As his confidence grew, so does his team of dedicated downlines. Kim Pa put a lot of emphasis on commitment and team building among his donwlines, and he's able to see noticeable results. "I have regular meetings with my downlines, and I am very lucky to have devoted downlines," he said proudly. "We worked together as a team, day in, day out. Our efforts and teamwork has allowed me to achieve Team Leader!"

 "I would like to thank Alex and all team members for the sincere help and support I received along my journey in Synergy." Kim Pa said. "Special thanks to all my family members, brothers and sisters."